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We are authorised partners for the Latchways fall protection products. Details on Latchways.com

Based on our rope access experience we provide full range of services including engineering, setup and maintenance of the systems.


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What are fall protection systems?

The widest spread cause of work related accidents is falls from height. A fall protection system prevents access in the dangerous area (if it’s a work restrain system) or minimises the consequences of a fall (in case of a fall arrest system). The lifeline systems are such fall protection systems.  The lifeline systems can be classified by:

By type

They can be work restrain or fall protection system.

By the duration of use

They can be temporary or permanent lifeline systems.

By their setup

They can be vertical horizontal or diagonal.

By system type

Rigid, with a slider on or inside a rail, or flexible with a slider running on a steel or stainless steel cable.


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